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Hand-Rolled Banana Leaf Cones

Captivated by the rich history, tradition, and culture of Rastafarian and herbalist smokers throughout Jamaica and the region, Vale Republic was inspired to introduce an all-natural banana leaf cone.

Vale Republic organic cones are from the leaves of naturally grown banana trees in the Caribbean. They are free of harmful chemicals, synthetic insecticides and fertilizers.

When the leaves are ready, they are expertly hand-rolled into cones, packaged and sealed to preserve freshness. Our cones are smooth to inhale providing an exceptional smoking experience, pleasing to even the most discerning connoisseur.

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Banana Leaf cone for smoking
all natural banana trees plantation


Vale Republic is established. Our mission: to bring to the North American market premium all natural leaf cones and wraps.


With information from users, The Vale Republic Ltd. team heads to the islands to source premium product. 


The first shipment of Vale Republic Banana Leaf pre-rolled cones arrive.


  • Hand picked Sun-dried until golden brown
  • Washed with pure water
  • Individually hand rolled and sealed with vegetable gum


  • Non-GM
  • No chemicals / additives
  • Vegan
  • 100% Tobacco / nicotine free

THE Experience

  • Ultra slow burning
  • Super smooth
  • No experience necessary
  • Stuff it, puff it & enjoy


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