Best Blunt Wraps

Organic blunt wrap are the outer wrapper used to roll a marijuana cigarette. Natural blunt wraps are derived from various plants and used in the place of traditional rolling papers.  A variety of organic wraps for blunts and natural rolling papers are offered by Vale Republic. As with all our leaf wraps fused or smoking, we carefully source our products and bring only the best in quality products.


For those who enjoy a roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco wrap, then you must already know about Grabba tobacco Leaf. For those who don’t know, Grabba, is simply a premium grade of whole leaf tobacco that is often used to roll or sometimes crushed and used as a blend when rolling a joint. Grabba is said to add a kick that smokers love. Our grabba leaf and Grabba cigars are considered to be the best available. It is rich in color and taste. If you love grabba then look no further as this leaf is for you. Another name for grabba is Fronto or Fanta leaf and it is also packaged commercially under various Grabba brand names. Purchase Original Grabba here.

Organic Hemp Rolling Paper

The Vale Republic all natural hemp rolling paper is considered among the best tasting papers and favored to be one of the best organic blunt wraps available. Unlike cigarette papers, the natural hemp papers is free of added chalk, dyes or chlorine. Paper made from hemp has been used worldwide for smoking in the form of  blunt wraps. Give it a try and taste the difference.  Learn more about the hemp rolling paper here


Organic hemp blunt wrap


Grabba whole leaf Fronto
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