About Vale Republic

Our Story

Vale Republic Ltd. is a Toronto based, Canadian company and imports all-natural leaf cones and wraps. Our mission is to provide smokers with a wide variety of high quality product options. We offer the RYO/MYO industry the best in pre-rolled banana leaf cones, raw Fronto / Grabba tobacco leaf, banana leaf wrap, and other natural blunt cigar wraps for smoking.

Established in 2018, we realized that consumers were looking for all natural leaves to make the best blunt wraps rather than the traditional rolling papers.  As a result of this, we carefully sourced premium quality products to meet their needs. Leaves grown in organic conditions with minimal use of chemicals and pesticides helps to make our products distinctive and of high quality that smokers can rely on.

Finally, we offer a premium product at an affordable cost. Our products meet the ethical and legal guidelines without compromising our quality or high standards. Above all, we are dedicated to the principle that serving our customers is of prime importance. 

We invite you to try our leaf cones and wraps. If you have additional questions, see our FAQ page. Businesses interested in carrying our products, please contact us for more information.

Natural Banana leaf

Organically grown banana trees

Natural fronto grabba leaf curing

Freshly cured whole leaf tobacco 

Natural Banana Leaf Cone and filter tip

Banana leaf cone wraps for smoking